Bringing Nature to your health

CATALO began with one man’s fruitless search for natural health supplements for his family. He knew that he wasn’t alone in his desire for purity, potency, and above all, quality. So, he got to work and created a company for people like him who were seeking supplements they could trust.

CA Care

We treat your health as if it were our own, and we take no shortcuts with our products. Our premium ingredients are formulated following strict guidelines to provide you with supplements of the highest quality.

TA Vitality

We proudly share all of nature’s goodness to help keep your family fit, happy and full of energy.

Only the best of nature goes into our products. And we’re proud to help your family stay fit, happy and full of energy.

LO Longevity

Whatever your health needs may be, we support the lifelong wellness of you and your family. A strong foundation is the first step to a lifetime of fulfillment.